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Thank you friends for your beautiful comments on the new album "Tomorrow Never Comes". You inspire me to keep writing new songs and I deeply appreciate your feedback and kind words.

Below you will find options to send in your thoughts on the music. Sending you all blessings for peace, happiness, and health. -- Lazer Lloyd

"This is now one of my favorite songs. I love it it so true and powerful great song. Great job thank you" Joshua Hogeland

"Music that moves with that hits the soul.. I'm torn..and I need fixin.. Cool tune.." Roger Vincent

"That is a great song. It really hit home. Hope to hear more like this." Wayne Goostree

“Sometimes we feel that life has dealt us a bad hand, and sometimes we feel life is what we make it, but one thing we all have in common is we all have felt torn some time or another. When I'm feeling torn I listen to my good friend Lazer Lloyd's song `Torn'" George Berczik

"I think Lazer and his music are awesome. The man has kept it real. He's not sugar coating nothing." Danny Johnson

"Your song Torn hits so close to home and it's such a beautiful and well composed song!!! Just want to take a second and thank you for all your inspiration and the beautiful music that you share with us" Marty Grogan

"Torn is a beautiful song. Thank you. The words hit home for me and I'm sure for many others. Peace & love. Just what we need." Betty Shooltz

"Love this song! Pretty much says it all!" Lihue Dellinger

"Every day since I met the love of my life 35 years ago, timing always got in the way ... but we stay in touch. Thanks for writing this and sharing. Life is unfair at times" Kim White

"This song was for me about life..." Carol Mcdonald

"This may be your best song yet!! I’ve been playing it all morning!" Troy Christopher

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"Hey Lazer Lloyd, you’re music and persona touches my soul and pulls at my heart heavily. Keep me and us in your music and your thoughts." Gerry Wells

"Yeah brother. That’s tears and goosebumps good." Fred Wingate

"Really love your voice you got one of those voices that forever linger in the brain." Carol Stoneback

"Kinda grabs your soul!! One word, Completeness!! Haha sort of an eerieness touch to your soul! Well done!!" Tim Cunfer

"Excellent! That song is put together beautifully & that steel guitar is perrrrrrrfect!!!!!" Barfalemew Arfalemew

"The calm that descends when u hit play..." Yoel Bader

"Lazer I'm living in my rv away from my family doing concrete. This [song] is the way I feel, but for my family it is worth it. [Thanks] for that beautiful song." Troy Christopher

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"I like the way he sings artistically. He preaches peace and harmony in his songs! He was in Russia in 2019 with concerts.!!!" Vladimir Tayninskiy

"Why in the world do we have to listen to the GARBAGE on mainstream radio when there is music like this being produced?!?! Lazer is great, there are many like him, screw mainstream radio!" Adam Young

"I've heard a few guys that sound hands down better than anyone on the radio and you are definitely one of them. Your voice is just amazing." Todd Olson

"This song was plucking at the strings of my soul" Ray Nix

"That's a great song. I listened to it three times. It's making me wish I could have the simple life. Keep it up with that kind of music sir" Robert Anding

"All people need to listen to this song then step back and take a good look at life and nature. See what's going on around you." Howard Thompson

"That song really makes you think about what's truly important in life. Thank you great song" Glen Kirkey

"Never heard of you before but you can dang sure bet you just got a new fan. Awesome talent and an awesome song. Thank you so much." Jimmy Baldwin

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"I must of listened to this song 25 times. What an amazing song it should be a number one hit. It's not only the song, the music and the man are amazing" David Michael

"First impression: It’s tight and your message is clear. 'Too many drowned'... hit home. I’ll listen and watch this many more times. I pray you find peace and forgiveness." Rita Kroemer

"I feel every single word of that song... so deep. This is a powerful song to my heart. Lazer Love You Brother." Ruby Harris

"Brother you have got talent. I don't listen to much music anymore but you are amazing. I'm just ole back woods country boy. I like your style of music. GOD BLESS you" Mike Brown

"Honest and real you are a true artist Lazer" Bernie Bernstein

"Brother this song sure hits home, needed to hear this." Kevin Perry

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" Hi there Lloyd. I just love the way you paint a picture with your songs. I just love it. This song has such a beautiful sadness to it. Be well and continued blessings and prayers to you and your family" Michael Eissfeldt

"Just awesome!! Is there any way I can get the chords and lyrics to this beautiful song! I heard you for the first time last week and just love your style. My voice tones are close to yours and I would love to learn this song!!" Jeff Emenhiser

"Love this song. I listened a couple times and realized it's a song of hope. Thank you! I met you in Myrtle Beach and will never forget your aura...energetic, enthusiastic and spiritual all at the same time!" Donna Rosselet Komorek

"Beautiful song and hurt so much!!! Yes,"we are lost in confusion" our balance is broken as our heart. Thank you Lazer for a song from our soul, you put our tears in words ❤ love and prayers" Kiro K'ayra

"Son, I ate the words. I digested the emotions and I whispered the prayer of thanks.....I am filled....and satisfied..... thank you my brother!" Samuel Headrick

"Love this song ❤️. You are so very talented. Thank you I need to hear that today..God bless." Debbie Clark-horn

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"Every time I hear that song, I get goosebumps and chills. Outstanding song for today." Matt Collins

"Awesome song bud!!! Great voice!!! Sitting in my backyard listening." Michael Link

"Just beautiful brother. I finished my move over the mountains into Oregon. Haven't got to play for a week but this reminds me of why I do. God Bless and stay strong." Mike Bohanon

"Excellent. A true devoted singer songwriter who has heart and soul and respect. Much love my Brother. Fantastic!" Chico Sanchez

"I think Lazer and his music are awesome. The man has kept it real. He's not sugar coating nothing. The struggle is real in America. I would like to see him get with Kid Rock and daddy Hank. That would be a awesome American show. God bless America and Lazer Lloyd"
Danny Johnson

"A+ brother! Everything about the performance. Downloading the song now. As a singer/songwriter I really appreciate what it took for you to write something this great." Jim Cormier

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"Brother Lazer, I love your version of this classic song! So much feeling and heart...much like you." Trey Tenery

"A great kick back and enjoy song and awesome video Lazer! Loved from here in East Texas" Joe Moore

"Love it brother. Been playing their music most of my life. Thought this was fantastic with great guitar work. Beautiful video on top of that. Much love brother. The Journey Continues..." Mike Bohanon

"Great tribute to Gregg Allman. Great version of a great song!!" Bernard Nunnally

"Damn fine music." The Madleaf, Canadian Woodsman

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